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4 Ways to Make a Generator Quieter

Whether you’re using a generator for backup power during a power outage, on a family camping trip, or at a remote worksite, the noise it produces can sometimes be a bit of a nuisance.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective methods to mitigate this noise and make your generator operate more quietly. For example, you can make a generator quieter by placing it on a soft surface, moving it further away or simply opting for a silent generator.

In this blog, we look at these tips, plus some more, in more detail.

But first, why are they so loud?

Why Are Generators So Loud?

There’s no denying that generators can often be pretty loud, especially those powered by internal combustion engines.

The noise created by generators primarily stems from the operation of the engine, including the combustion process, exhaust system, air intake, and mechanical components. Noise is also generated by vibrations and resonance, especially if they lack proper insulation or vibration dampening mechanisms.

4 Ways You Can Make a Generator Quieter

1. Move Your Generator as Far Away as Possible

While this first tip might sound incredibly obvious, one of the most effective ways to quieten your generator is to increase the distance between yourself/your customers/the community and the generator itself.

Just like any source of loud noise, the further it is from you, the more spread out the energy becomes over a larger area. Consequently, this results in lower acoustic intensity.

As the exhaust is one of the main producers of noise on a generator, making sure this is pointing away from you will also help lower the effect of the sound output.

In free field conditions, the general rule is that when you double the distance, you get a 6dB noise reduction.

Of course, how far the generator can go will depend on how long the extension cords are, so be mindful of that.


2. Place It on a Soft Surface or on Vibration Pads

When it comes to quieting the generator itself, it’s important to look at the surface you’re placing it on.

Your best bet is to avoid all hard surfaces. This is because surfaces like concrete, wood, or asphalt will only amplify vibrations and noise through resonance.

Instead, placing it on soft surfaces will allow the surface to absorb some of the vibrations generated by the generator. This absorption will prevent the vibrations from transferring as much to the ground, reducing the overall noise level. Just make sure the ground is level and not at risk of igniting, especially as generators get very hot when running.

If you can’t find soft ground to place your generator on, the next best solution is an anti-vibration mat. These are generally made of rubber and help to soften the vibration and noise that comes from a generator, or any household appliance.

3. Opt for a Silent Generator

If you want to reduce noise as much as possible, we recommend opting for a silent generator. This is a type of power generator designed to operate with minimal noise output. These generators are engineered with various features and technologies to reduce noise levels significantly compared to traditional generators.

At Generators Direct, we stock a large range of silent generators, including some best selling brands such as Senci, Hyundai, Pramac, Warrior, Evopower, MHM, SDMO and Stephill.

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How Does a Silent Generator Work?

Interestingly, a silent generator operates in a similar way to a conventional generator, but incorporates various design features and technologies to minimise noise output.

Here are some key features and characteristics when it comes to how a silent generator works:

  • Engine operation – Just like traditional generators, silent generators are powered by internal combustion engines that burn fuel (such as petrol, diesel, or propane) to produce mechanical energy.
  • Enclosed housing – One of the key features of a silent generator is its enclosed housing or casing, designed to surround the engine, alternator, and other internal components. This design provides a barrier to contain and muffle noise generated during operation.
  • Soundproofing materials – The interior of a silent generator’s housing are typically lined with soundproofing materials such as acoustic foam or insulation, to absorb and dampen sound waves.
  • Vibration isolation – To reduce noise even more, silent generators often incorporate vibration isolation mounts or pads, which reduce mechanical vibrations produced by the engine and other moving parts.
  • Inverter technology – Some silent generators use advanced engine technologies, such as inverter technology, designed for smoother and quieter operation compared to conventional generator engines.

It’s important to note that silent generators will still make noise! They are quieter than their open counterparts, but as they are still powered by engines there will still be sound produced, though on a reduced level.

4. Get Regular Maintenance

Lastly, ensuring that you keep the generator well-maintained is super important if you want it to constantly run smoothly and quietly.

Regular maintenance that includes things such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and spark plug inspections, helps ensure that the engine operates as efficiently as possible. And a well-maintained engine is less therefore much less likely to produce excessive noise due to worn-out or dirty components.

What’s more, generators can generate a significant amount of noise through mechanical vibrations, especially if components are loose or worn. If regularly maintained, you can ensure that the bolts, nuts, and other fasteners are checked and tightened, which will minimise vibrations and reduce noise levels.

And that’s it! Implementing these tips can significantly reduce the noise produced by your generator, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment for you and those around you.

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